Body Curve Curve Ball

I got engaged on the last day of June and married in the first week of September which means that I did all of the wedding planning in approximately 3 months. At first I thought about trying to go on a diet, but then I came back to reality. I've been this size for almost 2 years, I'm not changing. Nevertheless, I thought it couldn't hurt to make a few healthy changes, but I wasn't going to wait to buy my wedding dress under the illusion that I was somehow going to get all Kate Moss skinny.

I bought the dress right away and you really wouldn't believe it at all... it FIT. I mean it fit as in off the rack, people! I didn't need to order a new size, I didn't need any alertations and I was like, WHA! This never happens to the abnormally large busted, short, round, stumpy legged Asian girl! Score one point (the only point, ever) for the team! Yes, it was a plus size dress, but I wouldn't exactly complain if I had the body of those 3 plus size models you see everywhere. How can they be size 18 jeans and have a flat tummy?

In the weeks that passed we had hub-bub, we had wedding planning, we had guests from out of town, dinner parties, birthday parties, cake, cake, cake and pie. I was making healthy-ish choices, but not really for my figure. I was trying to keep my skin clear. - FYI it didn't work. I broke out into stress pimples on my wedding day.

A few days before the wedding, after all of the out of town guests had arrived and it was time to put the finishing touches on my wedding outfit... and by that I mean trying on my Spanx under the dress. I put on everything, Spanx, dress, garter, jewelery - the works. It was then that I realized that I had accidentally skinnied out of my wedding dress!

Dun-dun-dun! Don't get me wrong. We aren't talking anything dramatic here. No one had even noticed that I had lost weight, but my once perfectly fitted gown was now falling off of me and revealing the back and top of my bra. Oh for shame! I tried not to show how giddy I was at losing (potentially) 10 pounds, but it did make my dress look a little slouchy. Alas, we broke out the body tape and used it to adhere the dress all over me. That was super hot on the wedding night, lemme tell ya.

Where does the curve ball come in? On that super sticky, double-sided tape wedding night I got pregnant. And now I'm going to be fat(ter), *again*. *Forever*.

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