How Marriage Disfigured My Face

Life is so much easier now that I'm not a single mom. I love Travis and he completes mine and Caleb's family. That being said and out of the way, parenting was a lot easier when I was a single mom.

Single moms make the rules. There is no one else to have an opinion (except your mom, but if you don't call her you're in the clear). Everyone is on the same page because there is only one page; mom's page; the right page; THE page. Now there is only the illusion of the one page, and I am constantly shattering that illusion by trying to communicate with Travis through eye twitches that he's veering off THE path (my path) and into strange territory (which are any ideas contrary to my ideas).

"This is your last warning." *twitch twitch* (I had at least two more warnings in me.)

"You have a choice between story time or TV time." *twitch twitch* (Choice? What is this choice you speak of?)

"Yes, son." *twitch twitch twitch* (No!)

"One more time and we aren't going for ice cream." *eyelid spasm!* (I really wanted that ice cream!)

Travis isn't always looking in my direction when I do my twitching, which causes me to increase my intensity. I do so much of this attempted form of communicating that one eyeball has a slight, yet persistent bulge. So now I am married, I'm no longer a single parent which is comforting and precious and wonderful and frustrating. I have one boston terrier eye, a baby bump, half a bed and half a closet. But I have a whole family and whole gallon of ice cream hidden behind boxes of mini pizzas in the freezer. (That's totally true)

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