I Got Told By My 5 Year Old

Caleb's favorite color has changed over the years. First he loved yellow, or as he called it at the time ye-yo. He's never seen Scarface, so I wasn't too worried about his mispronunciation. He loved yellow for a long time, but it didn't work out for him very well. Every time he chose a yellow candy it was lemon and he didn't like it. He wasn't allowed to have sugary drinks, so he never got lemonade. Times were tough for the baby who loved ye-yo.

After watching Cars, he decided he loved red because that was the color of Lighting McQueen whom he called Cha-Pow or Car-Car. Red worked out very well for him and it was his favorite color the longest. When he chose red candies, they were almost always delicious. He has some kind of immunity to peppermint and so candy canes and even altoids were no match for his love of red things and red packages. Cherry tomatoes were confusing for him because they looked so red and delicious, but he really can't stand them. To this day he still tastes a tomato here and there only to shudder and act like it's killing him from the inside. I let it slide. Lots of people don't like tomatoes and at least he keeps trying.

When we moved in with my mom his favorite color switched to green. I'm sure it's because he started spending more time with my freak-recycler, tree-hugging, I-think-hiking-is-fun, trail-working, sister. Once while walking through the Portland airport he threw a plastic bottle into a recycling bin and then said to her, "Sissy, let's find something else to recycle!" Green was not only his favorite color, but also his way of life.

Then one day he announced that he wanted to go to a play at the Children's Theater called Pinkalicious. I tried to talk him into something else, but then he told me that pink was his new favorite color. I corrected him.

"Green is your favorite color. I know, because I just spent money on new green headphones."

"No, mom. I like pink now. I love pink. I looooooove pink."

"Son, I really don't think you like pink."

"Mommy, lots of people think that pink is a girl's color, but it's not. Pink is the color of bubble gum and the color of cotton candy and I like both of those things. If a boy likes pink then it's a boy color and I like pink, so why can't I just like what I like?"

... ... ... "Okay, son. Your favorite color is pink and we are getting front row seats for Pinkalicious... but you're still using the green headphones."

And thus my five year old put me in my place. His favorite color has changed a few times since then, but pink is always in the top 5. After all, it's the color of bubble gum and if you ask me it makes the best color for unicorn manes.

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