I'm a mom

I'm a mom. I'm lots of things, but mostly, I am a mom. I run a household, I buy groceries, I cook meals, I plan budgets, I worry, I overcome, I teach, I encourage, etc. etc. etc. Like I said, I'm a mom. Sometimes I have to figure out how to do all of those things with those fancy solar nails, and then I inevitably have to figure out how to do all those things with grown out, unattended, too-long, used-to-be-fancy solar nails.

If you're a mom then you're probably just like me. If you're a mom who always dreamed of being a stay at home mom, and then had to go back to work through of string of unfortunate events then you're even more like me. And then if you got laid off from the best job you ever had and then had to struggle with feeling expendable while trying to rejoice in the fact that you were a stay at home mom again then we're the same person. If you're now settled in to being a stay at home mom, but realize that you need to find a way to make the transition into work at home mom, then I'm obviously just talking to myself.

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