I'm not fat, I'm pregnant (and fat)

My husband has been telling me for the last two weeks that he thinks my baby bump is showing. I always reply the same way, "I'm not showing I'm just fat". This is usually said while I'm trying to squish myself into my jeans. "I'm only 8 weeks pregnant. I'm not going to show for another month." I know that second pregnancies show earlier than the first but c'mon! We just found out and I'm showing already?

This morning I put on my regular old mom jeans, tucked in my muffin top and tried to breath. I could feel my uterus crushing all of my other organs. I couldn't wait to drop Caleb off at school and put on some stretch pants. I woke Caleb up for breakfast and the FIRST thing he said to me was, "WOW! You're tummy is getting bigger where the baby is already!" I (fake) cheerfully agreed as he kissed my tummy and said good morning to the baby.

Is it weird for me to be worried that people will be judgemental of me because I am showing early? This is not a conversation that I want to have:

"Oh, you're such a cute little pregnant chunky butt aren't you? How far along are you?"

"Eight weeks."

"Holy cow! I thought you were 4 or 5 months! Oh my gosh, you're going to be HUGE!"

I know what you're thinking, oh silly mamapotamus, no one would ever be so tactless as to say something like that to a pregnant woman! Besides, you really won't be THAT big?

No. You're wrong.

People are just like that. I know this because, while it took me the normal amount of time to show with Caleb I got absolutely enormous. I heard all about how huge I was and how big the baby must be. And after babypotamus 1 was born at 5lbs 6oz, I heard all about how they couldn't believe I had carried such a small baby and how much room he must have had in my monstrous sized uterus.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure this is my last week in my mom jeans. Time to get more jeggings.

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