I'm Not Really a Bad Wife

Sometimes my husband does things that make me feel like I am failing horribly as a wife. Then I remind myself that it wasn't very long ago that he was a bachelor - he hasn't shaken all of the old habits yet, and he probably never will.

Last night he and I were watching TV in bed when he got up and went to the kitchen. He came back with a bowl which I assumed was full of some kind of TV snack. Pretzels, chips, crackers... you know, normal people stuff. Nope.

My super sensitive pregnancy nose told me it was Top Ramen, but there was a mysterious crunching noise.

"Oh my gosh, are you eating raw noodles?"

"Yeah" (crunch, crunch, crunch)

"Wha - Why? Do you need me to go cook them for you? Are you mad at me? Do you need more dinner?"


"Is something wrong?"

"No. I like them like this."

"You're doing that on purpose?" (sudden pregnancy urge for pickles) "Oh my gosh do you have pickles in there?"

"Yeah. Raw Top Ramen and pickles. I eat it like this all the time."

OH - MY - GOSH. Which one of us is pregnant? Is that how single men eat? Married men don't eat like that! Shouldn't he have a little tray of cheese and crackers? But he acts like I'm judging his insanely wack-a-do snack habits. What do I do? What makes me a worse wife, letting him eat things like that or standing in the way of his happiness by trying to stop him?

I'm pregnant. I went to sleep.

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