My Own Body Doesn't Care if I Live

I knew I was dying when I started getting grey hair. My body decided it was moving several employees from the hair coloring facility to the keep-Crystal-alive department. Now I'm pregnant and my body is only concerned about one thing - making a placenta.

Recently all the staff from the keep-hair-on-the-head office, memory department, don't-make-facial-expressions-that-reveal-your-true-feelings area, and general focus have all been moved to the Placenta Project. At least twice a day consciousness is lost when the stay-awake-during-the-daytime guys are moved to Placenta Project for some overtime.

To put it in less colorful terms: my hair is falling out, I can't remember anything, I have lost my ability to hide my disgust, and I can't focus on any task for more than 45 seconds. Twice a day I fall asleep and go into some kind of placenta making coma, which is not some kinda of cozy nap. No, this is feeling the darkness creeping in and falling asleep sitting up, or halfway on the bed, or wadded up on the ottoman.

My body is so focused on making this placenta and forming the baby that it's taking away my ability to function normally. I'm hardly ever hungry, and when I finally eat, I throw everything up. That's counter productive, people!

Disclaimer: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my baby. I love that he/she is growing in my tummy and I fully support my body's decision to put the tummy baby first.

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