From the Mouths of Babes

Any mother old enough to actually be my mother (including my mother), always gives me the same bit of advice about parenting. "Write it down". The instructions are to write down any and all cute, adorable, and otherwise memorable things that my children say so that as parenting becomes more difficult and I slowly lose my mind, I will be able to look back on those cute little things. I can recall them, relive them, remember them, and remind myself that my big stinky teenager used to be a cute little boy who loved me more than anyone in the whole wide world.

Well, guess what, mom? I listened (for once). I've been keeping a list of all the things that my little kiddopotamus says and I'd like to share just a few. Since I have been questioning my parenting abilities lately, I'm going to focus on the compliments.

- (While wrapping Christmas presents, kiddopotamus reached over and stuck a bow to my head) My Christmas present is a wonderful Mommy.

- I want to be a cowboy when I grow up, but you'll always look after me.

- Mommy, I need you!

- Mommy, I just love you so much. I love the sound of your voice, I love your kisses, and I love how soft your skin feels

- (While ripping out my hair and bits of my scalp) I love how soft your hair is.

- Mommy, I love the days when you stay home.

- Mom, do you know how much I love you?

- (Sleep talking) Mom, I gotta tell you something. I love you more than anyone in the whole wide world.

- I'm proud of you for being pregnant, Mommy.

- Mom, you are the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful person I ever met and so you get a kiss, a hug, and a snuggle.

I took that kiss, hug, and snuggle, by the way. And then I scooped my big ol' five year old up into my arms, settled him on top of my big pregnant belly and rocked him to sleep wondering how many more times I would get to do that.

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